Power of a Good Morning Routine

Through the entirety of my life I have always been what you call “a morning person.”  I have learned in the years, that having a good morning routine sets my day up wonderfully.

“A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day.  And if you do each day right, you’ll do life right.” Cathryn Lavery

I once came across a very powerful quote in a book, and it really made me think.  Its from a book called “The Happiness Project” By Gretchen Rubin.  She stated “what you do every day matters more than what you do “every once in a while.”  This is so true! Starting your day off right is important to set the tone for your whole day; and beginning your day with Jesus will bring more and more peace into your life.

Below are some suggestions and resources that have worked for me! 🌸

  1. “Begin each day with a grateful heart”
    • St. Therese, the Little Flower once said “everything is GRACE.”  Our Lord blesses us infinitely each day.  Beginning our day with gratitude allows our hearts to turn in and out of ourselves and be in tune with the overflowing goodness that we are surrounded with.  Find one thing to be grateful for each morning and write it down.
  2. Make a good morning playlist
  3. SING! 
    • “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1
  4. Plan the night before
    • Give yourself an extra 20 min each morning
    • Set an earlier alarm if you need to⏰
  5. Read📖
    • This has been a significant part of my mornings, I set aside at least 20 minutes before work to read a daily reflection that will help me to have a new outlook throughout my day.  It helps me create a challenge for myself each morning so that I can be more in tune with how God is working in my life.  Here are some suggestions that have truly helped lead me to truth, love, and the light Jesus calls us to live in!
  6. Get yourself a journal!
    • Target is a great place to get a cute, useful journal for you to begin writing your goals, motivational quotes, thoughts, reflections.  One of my favorite things about journaling is that when you look back on your own writings, you can see just how beautifully the Lord is always working in your life, even in your darkest moments.

 Image result for i loved you at your darkest bible verse

  1. Write down 3 goals for yourself each morning/every night
    • This is a great tool in reflecting on your day.  I ask myself the questions: “Where am I not satisfied? What do I want to change?”  and then i turn my WHY’s into how’s (i.e. HOW can I make more time for prayer today? HOW can I be a better daughter/sister/friend?  Then I write down suggestions under my questions so that I can really begin to make this change in my life that God is calling me to.)
  • Nothing will get better until you tell yourself the truth”
  • Writing things down can help you look back on things a week or a month later and be reminded of something you may have forgotten about.  I know that happens to me often!


I challenge you to take at least one of these suggestions and incorporate  into your daily morning routine.  I assure you that you will see a difference in your prayer life and throughout your life.

Or come up with one of your own! Write it down!

I would love to hear more about your suggestions, feel free to share with us what works for you in your morning routine in the comments below! ☺️

If you are not much of a morning person; or just can’t seem to wake up some day, I encourage you to never forget the powerfulness of a simple prayer each morning.

“Dear Jesus, I offer you this day.  Lead me toward your love and light, always.  May I never be separated from thee.  May I do your will always. May I be in tune with the endless beauty you surround me with.  Allow me to see your face in the face of others and treat others with the dignity they deserve.  Lead me to be your hands and your feet each day.  And most of all, thank you for all that you have and will bless me with today.”  

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