Starting Your Own Bible Study🤓💓📖

I often get the questions: “and what do you guys do/talk about at bible study?” or “when is your bible study?”

I often sense the great yearning people have toward wanting to learn more about God when they ask this question.  In the last year, I began a bible study at my apartment with my roommates & have continued to hold bible studies in my small little apartment now.  It has been a true blessing in my life, that I have observed flourish, not just in my life but in the lives of the great women around me!  If you have ever thought about doing something like this, I pray that God will guide you to begin this beautiful journey! If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you start something, I encourage you to take courage! Today’s blog may be just the thing for you! Below are some tips on starting a bible study/small group of your own! Or encouragement to join one! I will also include, little tids, bits & insights/ideas on the bible study I hold.

  • Commit to a day + time
    • We all live busy lives, and God knows that.  Think of a day during your week that you have some free time.  Maybe a night where you don’t typically do much.  For me, it’s Thursday nights.  It starts with a commitment.  The day I decided to start a bible study, I sent out a group text, chose a day, a time & simply sent out an invitation to see who would be interested.  You would be surprised that there are women out there yearning for the same relationship with God that you are!  I encourage you to share that!
  • Start Small 
    • Think about at least 2 (or more) women (or for the men – 2-3 men, lol) in your life right now.  Women that you know would or may be interested in studying the word of God alongside you.  Begin thinking: sisters in Christ, women from your work, girls from your church – maybe you met them at a retreat or at youth group, your roommates, old friends, girls from a class at school. Start up a group text, or ask your roommates after reading this – if they would be interested in meeting together once a week or once a month for bible study or small group!  Bible study does not have to be something super thought out and well-planned (trust me – you’re talkin’ to the queen of procrastination here.)  The bible study I hold meets every last Thursday of the month! & sometimes another Thursday if we all can! 🙂 Start small.  That’s all it takes!
  • But What Will We Talk About/Go Over?
    • When I first began participating in a small group💓 (shout out to the best small group leader, Juli! and all the wonderful women that were in my Texas state small group! Love you all!).  We met on Tuesdays at 7 pm.  We gathered and shared with each other just how God was working in our lives.  I can honestly tell you they got me through my college years at Texas State, being away from home for the first time, meeting new people – it was tough. But God really blessed me by sending me these beautiful angels to guide me through.  I really felt I found a place where I belonged, alongside women who wanted the same things that I did – to be close to God.  And there is truly nothing more beautiful.
    • It was just last year that I began holding bible studies with the same idea of brining women together and sharing some of the most beautiful things about ourselves – our souls & our faith.  My roommates, some friends, and I began meeting each week, gathering around our kitchen island most times & it was BYOB (bring your own bible).  Lol.  We began exploring the word of God by reading the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday.  We would also take turns each week choosing our own favorite passages and share them (whether it was our favorite ones, or any that we felt God was calling us to reflect on).  We did was is called “lectio divina.
      • Lectio Divi- what???
        • Lectio Divina means “divine reading.”  This practice describes a way of reading the Scriptures where we let go of our own agenda & open ourselves to what God wants to say to us.  The first step is reading over the chosen bible passage (whether it be Sunday’s gospel, a favorite bible passage, passages from a particular book, etc.).  **Even if you are not a part of a bible study yet, I would encourage you to practice this in your own prayer life! **
        • Step 1, read over the passage – let it sink in as you read it slowly, the passage doesn’t or shouldn’t be too long.
        • Step 2, reflect.  Think about what the text was saying & how God may be speaking to you.
        • Step 3, the final step, rest.  Let go of your own ideas, plans, & thoughts.  Rest in God’s word and listen to the small voice in which He speaks within you.  Pray: Speak Lord, your servant is listening. 
      • Here are some suggestions on some of my favorite passages that can help you start off your bible study! Honestly, the psalms are my fave – & a great place to start!
        • Psalm 23
        • Psalm 139
        • Psalm 27
        • Lamentations 3
        • Matthew 5:3-11
        • Romans 12:9-21
        • If you need/would like more suggestions shoot me a message! 😊 Or I would love it if you shared your favorite passages below for everyone to take from! 😃💓☺️
    • WHERE to meet?! 
      • For me, it works easiest to meet at my apartment, since I live by myself, howeverrrrr we have met at Starbucks some days!  (That was fun!) Find a place that works for the size of your group!  Coffee shop, your apartment, a small room in your home, you could even try asking your church/parish about an empty room they may have available!?, a bench at a park near you, a table/gathering space at school, somewhere outdoors! Trust me when I say, all you really need is your beautiful littles selves & your bibles!  You could even plan to meet at a place at your college where you can all just gather round & share – maybe under a tree, hehe I’m a real nature enthusiast.  I’m sure you will think of the perfect place!
  • Other Ideas
    • Highs & Lows – typically, during bible study – I took think from the first small group I was a part of before- we each go around and share a high and a low of our week/month/day.  This gives time to share with each other what is going on in our lives at the moment and invites us to pray for each other more deeply. Which brings us together to bond as sisters.

Speaking of pain is what builds the bridge from one person to another to say – you are not alone. 

  • The end of this year, we have been going more into stories of women in the bible.  FOCUS put together resources on what St. John Paul called the “Feminine Genius”  It covers what being a woman of God is truly about.  We discuss the story of creation, how God created us as women, and why.  It’s a great resource, and if you click the link you will find a guide as well as other suggestions on leading bible studies if you scroll all the way down! 🙂
  • Challenge each other, pray for each other. 
    • If my bible study group is reading this, they know I love to give little challenges each week, hehe.  Shout out to you all too! I love you guys so much! At the end of bible study, once we have gone over highs and lows, and reflected on the bible passage of the night, I invite each of us to think about how we are going to challenge ourselves to live out the word each week.  I will also ask everyone to share how we can pray for them in the next week/month so that we can bring each other up through prayer and hold each other accountable.
  • Bible App!
    • If you currently don’t have a bible, technology is super cool now a days and you can download the Bible App. You can all make sure you are reading the same version and also highlight and screen shot and all that good stuff! I totally recommend this app!

If you have read through this and thought “Hey! I think I can do this!” I encourage and pray for you to begin your own.  Again, I will say just how much of a blessing this has been in my life.  There is nothing like gathering around on an evening after a long day at work/school & just talking about Jesus. 💓 Participating in a bible study has helped me grow in sisterhood, womanhood, and greatly in my faith.

If you’re thinkin, “no I could never start one” – think about looking for one and joining! If any of you guys are especially encouraged to start one, but would like some help forming your group comment below too and I can help you guys get something together! I will be sending a link to a Google Drive sign up to maybe help this in some way! I will send that through the daily reflection group text on WhatsApp!  (Sign up if you haven’t already).  It really is so important to share our faith and love for each other as women!  I would love to help any way I can!

Share you ideas below if you already lead a bible study/small group, your favorite passages, suggestions, and/or experiences!

And if you guys are interested in joining mine, pls pls message me too!

Also, here’s a pic of the some of beautiful women (missing a few!) I get to share the wonderful Word of God with each month! 💖


God Love you! May He bless you & keep you, always.  


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