A Rose & A Thorn

As I saw this rose today, it reminded me that God not only meets us in the beauty… in the light, in the lovely, or in the simple sweetness of a beautiful rose… He meets us in the complicated messiness of our hurt, in our suffering, in our fears, in our “failures”, in our weaknesses… & truly in our thorns too.

As we enter into each new day let us reflect on the Lord’s presence.  For in every day we can find a rose, but also… a thorn, too.

🌹Think of a place God has been today… share with God the the best part of your day

🥀A place God needs to be… what was the most difficult part of your day today?

You can also add in a bud.

🌱🍃Where is God calling you for growth in your life?

write it down.  I invite you to do this for a week at the end of each day.

When you’re in the darkness we don’t need to see, we need to remember…

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that we have been given“ —Gandalph

He longs to meet us in our weakness and take it all if only we come to him with honest, true, and contrite hearts…He longs to transform us into something beautiful…

Will you let me? He asks. 

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

I realize that my knowledge and understanding fail me, and I am humbly reminded that my own understanding is but a speck compared to the great wisdom and compassion of the LORD.  He smiles at our planning and impatience.  He patiently waits to pour His mercy and graciousness upon us.  He truly longs to make something beautiful out of us, even in our weakness.  For He is our strength.  We fail to realize this sometimes.  Will we let him make something beautiful of us?

As I reflect today and see that amidst of all my impatience, my weakness, my fears, and my failures…I see the constant truth is that His mercy has and continues to remain the same.  

He sees the depths of my heart, and He loves me the same.  

He never leaves me.  & His love never runs out on me.  

Remember and reflect today… how is God making himself present to you today?  Become aware of how much he is loving you in each moment? Recognize that in the beautiful moments He is truly present, but also in the midst of our most difficult moments– He meets you there too.

Pray: Guide me, O LORD, to always align my will with yours.  For in the midst of my sufferings and failings, let me trust that you are making something beautiful out of me…

“I give it all to You God, TRUSTING that you’ll make something beautiful out of me…” 🌹🥀

Praying for you always, my friends!

In Christ,

Karla 🌹

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