To Those Who, “Just Wanna Be Heard”…

 We often act like everything is okay.  It’s so much easier to say “I’m good” “everything is ok.”  Of course we don’t go around talking about our problems to everyone, but keeping them in and acting like everything is ok does indeed stay within us.  Bottles up, and builds resentment, anger, or hurt.  WE DON’T BECOME HOLY IN ISOLATION. Empathy is the anecdote to loneliness…. More on the deep desire of “just wanting to be heard…”

A Rose & A Thorn

As I saw this rose today, it reminded me that God not only meets us in the beauty… in the light, in the lovely, or in the simple sweetness of a beautiful rose… He meets us in the complicated messiness of our hurt, in our suffering, in our fears, in our “failures”, in our weaknesses… & truly in our thorns too.